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Pool Baptisms

8 January 2010 No Comment

Although I went to a very traditional Church of England school, I never grew up with faith and actively rejected it even as an adult when I got married and had children.

I always thought it wasn’t ‘cool’ to be a Christian, and that my friends getting up to no good were the cool ones. But the journey from there to me getting in the pool and being baptised was a slow and very gradual one. There was not one ‘Road to Damascus’ moment, but many, many little things that brought me to Jesus. Most of them I never realised until afterwards, sometimes a long time afterwards.

But now I can say that my friends in the congregation who came to the Baptism service, each one has given me at least one of those moments, through something they said or did, or just through the example they give in their own lives. They are the coolest people I know.

I have been blessed so much, with a wonderful wife and two lovely daughters, and food, warmth, safety and friendship. I have seen how God has helped my wife Clare and she has come through such loss and pain a stronger, happier and more wonderful person than ever through faith. Her transformation has transformed my life too.

I wanted to get baptised because I wasn’t as a child, and God found me and I knew it was something I had to do. It was an amazing, uplifting experience, which I am still glowing from, weeks afterwards.

By Tristan Cork

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