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We are always delighted to hear of the very natural love and care and support that flows thorough the life of the Abbey. But it’s also possible to fall through the cracks and feel both burdened and isolated. So leaders have been appointed and teams developed to complement the wonderful care that already exists. We encourage you to contact our administrator Sandie Brown in the parish office (01666 826666) if you are in need or know of somebody who needs the ministry of the church. Our pastoral care is confidential and overseen by the clergy.

As St Peter wrote… ‘above all, love each other deeply’. Let’s do that.

Ministry to the Elderly A small and committed team that recognize that it is often the elderly who are in need of help – practically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Many elderly people are visited; services of worship and Holy Communion take place in local elderly person’s homes as an important ministry to the residents; and homegroups and Alpha courses are run during the day for the elderly. You are also very welcome to come to the Seniors Pop-In held each Friday at Le Flambé in Birdcage Walk where older people meet together for coffee, tea, cakes and a time to chat. Mike’s ministry is sustained by the May Moore Trust who have been providing chaplaincy to the elderly in Malmesbury for many years.

Bereavement Visiting Revd Bob Hyatt leads a small team that offers to visit those who are recently bereaved in our community and particularly those whose loved one’s funeral services have been conducted by Abbey clergy. At the heart of this important ministry is sympathetic connection with the bereaved, an offer of support, leaflets with advice, and a willingness to visit and offer ongoing help and prayer.  If you are struggling with bereavement please contact Bob and the team through Sandie.

Listening and Befriending Linda Sullivan leads a small team that understands the power of being really listened to, in confidence and without judgement. Sometimes when we talk we begin to  hear for ourselves the solutions to our situations and we can know the powerful healing presence of God in our lives. One aim of this ministry is to ensure that no one person is neglected while others receive visits from too many friends. As an offshoot of this listening and befriending team, we hope to be able to offer practical assistance where possible, such as shopping, light gardening, help with baffling paperwork, or even small DIY jobs, depending on resources available.

Healing & Prayer Revd Peter & Gillian Yacomeni lead our Healing in the Homes team. Normally on Sunday we offer the ministry of prayer for healing after all our major services, with at least two people available in St Aldhelm’s Chapel to pray in confidence for anyone in need.  You are always welcome to come for prayer for your personal needs, or to pray for someone else in need of prayer. However there are times when we prefer a quieter ministry in our own homes. Peter & Gillian’s team are ready to come and pray for you on a day and time that is convenient. Normally this would involve a visit by just two people. Please contact Sandie if you’d like a visit.

Transportation Helen Hyatt tries where possible to arrange lifts to church for those otherwise unable to come. Some people provide regular weekly lifts, others are on a reserve list. More volunteers are always very welcome.  If you know of people who would like to come to the Abbey services regularly or occasionally, please let Helen know directly on 01666 829026.

Counselling Dr Rosie Helyar acts as a prayerful link to a counsellor who will be fully-qualified and will adhere to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Counselling offers a safe place in which to explore difficulties in your personal life in a confidential and anonymous environment.  There may be feelings you are unable to share with family or friends, but which you can discuss with your counsellor and as a result feel less confused, gain a sense of direction, make necessary changes in your life, or perhaps come to terms with things that may not be changed.

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