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22 April 2012 No Comment

Neill writes: Before Easter two tourists came into the Abbey. They walked up to the stewards’ desk and asked ‘do you have a café?’ The steward’s answered no, and then the couple turned around and walked straight out. I want to say they ‘flounced’ out but it wasn’t that dramatic really. You’d want to ask them were they not a little interested in seeing the tomb of the first king of England, Athelstan the Glorious? Did they not want to stand on the site where saints since the 7th century have said their prayers, and feel the holiness? Did they not want to use one of our three toilets? (They’ve got stained glass.) No, for them it was all about coffee – and to be honest I am relatively coffee-fuelled too and understand their dependency.

They should come back as this Monday, 23rd April, Clare Cork, our new Café Manager, opens the Abbey Café for the first time. If each of our 50,000 tourists stops off for a cup of tea and a cup cake, we will be totally stuffed, but happy. Why are we doing this? Well, it will enhance our tourists’ visit – a king, stained glass, toilets and a sandwich – and it should be a distinctive watering hole for Malmesbury, with monks singing and Fairtrade drinks. It will help us pay to keep our 12th century building from falling down around us and it should welcome those who really need a welcome or even a chat and a prayer. Our wedding favors included wedding wine labels. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me. (Matthew 25:35)

It would be great if you stopped by in the early days, and if you have two hours a week to volunteer and don’t mind smiling and washing your hands we have a job for you.

Café Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  - 9am-4pm

Wednesday  - 12-4pm

Saturday - 9am-1pm

You can follow Neill Archer’s blog at neillarcher.blogspot.co.uk

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